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The State of Mobility Reports published by our strategic partner, SOTI, seek to find out how IT decision makers expect their industries to change, and how ready their organizations are to meet the challenge. SOTI publishes its industry reports quarterly, and we’ve made each edition available to you to download.

How will enterprise mobility change in the coming year, and beyond? Download your free SOTI State of Mobility Report below!

Reduce, Reuse, Rethink: From Discard Mentality to Tech Sustainability

Enterprise e-waste is fast becoming a large, but underexplored problem. Devices are thrown away prematurely as companies upgrade hardware without trying to diagnose and fix the devices they have. In our latest report, we surveyed 2,500 IT decision-makers to understand how they handle enterprise e-waste.


From Clicks to Ships: Navigating the Global Supply Chain Crisis

In our latest report, From Clicks to Ships: Navigating the Global Supply Chain Crisis, we've taken a closer look at how consumer purchasing behavior and expectations have shifted in the new global retail landscape. We heard from 10,000 consumers from 8 countries across three continents to learn how retailers can best navigate this supply chain crisis.

A Defining Year: State of Mobility 2021 Report

This report discusses the impact of mobile technology in an industry defining year and how organizations can position themselves at the forefront of the post-pandemic mobile revolution. SOTI surveyed almost 1,500 business leaders from enterprises in eight countries, across three continents, to discover how businesses are using mobile technology in 2021.

Mobilizing the Delivery Workforce: State of Mobility in Transportation and Logistics 2021 Report

To keep up with changing consumer shopping habits over the past 12 months, the Transportation and Logistics (T&L) industry has invested heavily in new technology. SOTI’s latest global report, Mobilizing the Delivery Workforce: State of Mobility in Transportation and Logistics, shows that despite these increased investments, there is still a long path ahead for T&L companies to realize the benefits of this new technology.

From Bricks To Clicks: State Of Mobility In Retail 2021 Report

From Bricks to Clicks: State of Mobility in Retail 2021 Report highlights how COVID-19 has radically changed consumers; expectations which will transform the retail industry over the coming decade. SOTI surveyed 6,000 consumers split across eight countries worldwide to understand how retailers must adapt and evolve to remain competitive.


Critical Technology for Critical Care: The State of Mobility in Healthcare Report 2020/21

The State of Mobility in Healthcare report focusses on the key technological challenges faced by frontline healthcare workers around the world. SOTI surveyed healthcare professionals in seven countries and what is clear is that the need for critical technology to deliver critical care has never been greater.

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