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Retail / Point Of Sale

Elo Touch Solutions: Leaders In Touch Technology

Elo Touch Solutions provides a wide range of devices helpful in retail environments. Whether you need a device behind the counter, customer facing, or both, we have an Elo Touch solution for you. 

For example, we introduce the EloPOS Z20. Built on Elo’s unified architecture, the EloPOS Z20 delivers a powerful and elegant point‑of‑sale system. Complete with an interactive display, integrated connectivity hub, contained cable routing, Android 10 OS and optional interactive customer-facing display, the EloPOS Z20 brings everything you need to the point of sale.

To learn more about the EloPOS Z20, click here.

Inventory Management: Paper vs. RFID

Paper-based inventory management is a way of the past. Data Capture Solutions is ready to help you make the transition from paper to RFID. RFID-based inventory management saves money and maximizes profitability by reducing labor costs in key stages of the inventory management process.

Compared to paper-based inventory management, RFID allows:

  • 95% faster inventory check in by allowing workers to immediately reconcile deliveries, bringing check-in times down to 6 minutes from 120.
  • 82% faster weekly/daily inventory count, completing inventory counts in 15-30 minutes instead of the average 2.7 hours.
  • 100% faster manual data entry, eliminating "manual" from the phrase. RFID instantly captures your inventory data, instead of spending an average of 80 minutes a week entering your data manually.

To view some of our RFID-based devices, click here.

LIT: Lottery Instant Tracker

LIT is a quick and easy scanning and online solution to track your instant lottery ticket sales and manage your inventory of instant lottery games.

  • Quickly close out shifts
  • Automatically calculate daily sales
  • Quickly manage inventory
  • Eliminate human error
  • Works with all state lotteries
  • Risk free 30-day trial
  • No contracts, cancel anytime

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