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MediCopia | Mobile Bedside Specimen Labeling Solution



The MediCopia Bedside Mobile Specimen Labeling Solution uses existing barcoded patient wristbands, Zebra ZQ610 printers and Zebra TC-52HC handheld devices or existing WOWs to deliver specimen labels that are always accurate, legible and time stamped.

MediCopia is VA TRM approved, requires no modifications to VISTA or CPRS, and satisfies the Joint Comission recommendation for PPID and printing labels at the bedside. A barcode scanner is used at the patients’ bedside to scan their wristband, ensuring they are the correct patient. The mobile printer will only generate the specimen labels after positive patient identification.

Why the MediCopia Mobile Bedside Specimen Labeling Solution?

  • Efficiency - Save your clinicians' time by automating all of the labeling processes throughout
  • Accuracy - Avoid illegible or incorrect labeling by using printed forms
  • Safety - Electronic patient ID capabilities ensure correct labels print for each patient
  • Easy - This user-friendly solution makes labeling simple and straightforward


Please watch the video below or click here to view the Medicopia brochure to learn more.