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Rugged Devices: Designed For Bumps & Drops

We carry a variety of devices made for your everyday bumps and drops. All of the devices labeled as "Rugged" come with a higher tumble & drop rating against concrete to accommodate for common incidents in warehouse environments.


Some devices also have freezer rated operating temperatures. This allows the devices to run at optimal performance in both room temperature & below freezing temperatures. For more information about freezer units, please visit our Cold Storage page.

Wearable Computers: Scan On-The-Go

Wearable Hardware is the future in technology for the barcode industry. Improvements in hands free devices increase user speed and reduces errors. Being essentially hands free, this makes moving product around in a warehouse easier by not forcing you to set your device down anytime you have to lift something or hop in the forklift.

Most wearable computers come equipped with either corded, or cordless scanners. At Data Capture, we have the inventory to equip you with the perfect setup, completely based on your needs in the field.

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Vehicle Mounted Computers / Data Terminals

Vehicle mounted computers / data terminals put the full power of a PC in a rugged design meant to handle vibrations, bumps, and general everyday movement in a forklift, truck, or any other vehicle. These devices provide access to needed data wherever you take your vehicle, such as the warehouse floor, or in the freezer for certain models. Their purpose to to eliminate error and increase productivity during picking, put-away, shipping, receiving, and any other inventory applications.

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Staging & Kitting: Out of The Box Configuration 

Data Capture Solutions also offers staging & kitting options. Staging and kitting is more than guaranteeing that your batteries are charged and the correct cables, cradles and accessories arrive at the same time. Data Capture Solutions ensures that your new devices work right out of the box! We load your programs and configure the correct network settings, thereby ensuring that your network recognizes the device and your associates can get to work right away.

Let Us Design A Complete Solution For Your Needs.

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