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Data Capture SolutionsLottery Instant Tracker

It’s a Good Bet for Every Store!

Instant tickets are popular but time consuming.
Filling out forms by hand every shift is slow, prone to error and costly.

It’s time to automate!

From the smallest stores 
to large convenience store chains,
the fully automated Lottery Instant Tracker delivers speed and simplicity. 
It only takes minutes 
to close a shift.

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How the Device Works

The Lottery Instant Tracker is a scanning device and online solution. Each ticket is scanned at the end of
every shift. Calculations for total sales are generated automatically and securely synced to your online account.

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State-of-the-art hardware meets the power of Android

The Lottery Instant Tracker Application is compatible with the latest versions of Android Mobile Operating Systems.

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    Increase Sales

    Instant Tracker makes it easy to increase the variety of games and number of books in your store. You have the ability to increase your customer base by reserving games for customers.

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    Reduce Shrinkage

    Each user has a unique login, and every shift is linked to a specific user. Maintaining accountability for all tickets on a shift is a breeze! All transactions are viewable by management, helping prevent theft.

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    Automation Rocks!

    Comparing the Instant Tracker’s speed and accuracy with manual handling of tickets makes it clear that the Lottery Instant Tracker is the best bet for any size store.

Interested in our Lottery Instant Tracking solution?

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